It's bigger than you think. And if the truth be known, often or not, completely misunderstood.

Why on earth am I interested in sending silly 140 character messages every five minutes? Hashtag this, hashtag that – I just don’t get it.

I know. We thought the same. That is until you focus on the power of Twitter and actually start embracing it.

Doing "Social Media" right is a bit like playing tennis. Looks easy to play (which it is to a degree) but to perform at the highest level and get the biggest pay-day, takes great commitment, focus, and practice.

And most people are doing it ALL wrong. Us included.

So, we did exactly that. We’ve focused, thought about it…thought about it again and then began to understand and harness the strength and the power of Twitter and formed an internal team.

Hence “Twiffic Tweam” was born.

A young, agile, tech-savvy bunch, “Twiffic Tweam” comprises of seven social media mignons of diverse backgrounds, from every corner of our agency walls who are drawn to the twittersphere in order to tweet and retweet valuable, memorable and rather different content.

An agency team charged with growing our following, engaging with relevant communities, and listening to relevant channels.

And we’re #readyforaction

So, seeing as Twitter is only seven (yes, 7) years old, we thought we’d list seven good reasons to jump on the tweetwagon.

Note: Each of these following points is summarized with the terms TL;DR which for those not familiar with internet slang means “Too Long; Didn’t Read."

1. Interesting People

We all want to surround ourselves with interesting people, don’t we? And regrettably not all of us get the chance to do that in the real world.

Twitter is meant not for friends and family but for people you actually want to connect with. You can follow almost anyone and almost anyone can follow you. It’s really simple to make contact. There’s none of the mutual agreeing to be friends required by Facebook, so if you want to follow 500 mad eccentrics then that’s your right. If none follow you back then it doesn’t matter at all.

TL;DR: Twitter is full of people with things to say, and listening is easy.

2. Breaking News

Twitter has proved its worth in recent years as THE platform for breaking news.

The simplicity of the site means that the first thought many people at the scene of a developing news story do is to tweet about it. A few retweets later and the news has spread. Fast. Really fast.

TL;DR: Who needs newspapers when Twitter breaks the land-speed record?

3. #Trends

As well as breaking news Twitter is a powerful resource for tracking trends. If a YouTube video is going viral then it will be getting shared on Twitter. If a new meme is spreading like wildfire then it will appear on Twitter . If a celebrity has done something newsworthy but has managed to avoid the news leaking to the mainstream press it will likely appear on Twitter.

Hashtags (#) also work as part of this, and most of the Trends listed on Twitter use this simple method of assigning/marking a particular subject to a tweet.

TL;DR: Trending hashtags can keep you locked onto current topics of conversation

4. Company Conversation

Brands love Twitter.

Most brands, companies, associations etc are highly likely to have a presence on the site, whatever product they sell or service they provide. Twitter is a great tool for brands to promote themselves and their products, but they are unable to push their wares onto consumers without consumers pushing back.

Twitter represents one of the quickest and easiest ways to contact a company, follow a brand or observe your competition. The response you receive may not be as fine-tuned as you would get by speaking to a person on the phone, but at least you won’t be left hanging around listening to hold music.

TL;DR: Get a quicker response to a direct question from a brand on Twitter.

5. Celebrity Access

Celebrities love Twitter too. While not every famous person is present on the site, a high percentage are. The celebrities get another platform to promote themselves and their latest film/television show/book/perfume, and in return their fans gain a new way of accessing their heroes.

While those who are really keen on certain famous people have always found ways to talk to them, Twitter makes it very simple indeed. If a celebrity is on Twitter then anyone else on Twitter can send a message to them.

TL;DR: Tweeting a celebrity beats stalking them.

6. Creative Outlet

You can start a Twitter account about almost anything, as long as you abide by the rules set forth by Twitter. You may want to parody a famous person, write short poetry, recount witty anecdotes, or tell lame jokes.

Twitter gives you a certain sense of anonymity to plumb the deepest depths of your creativity.

TL;DR: Be imaginative with themed tweets.

7. 140 Characters

If you’re anything like me you have an ADHD.

You can read books, detailed features, and articles several thousand words long, but there are times when you’d rather not have to. This lack of attention span is why TL;DR became so popular, and it has also certainly helped promote the popularity of Twitter.

You only have 140 characters to say what you want to say in a tweet (excluding URLs). This means people are forced to be succinct, boiling the facts down to their core. Sure, there may be a link to a longer news story, but it’s surprising how much information you can consume purely from reading tweets.

TL;DR: 140 characters makes TL;DR redundant.

So, some compelling reasons to take another look at Twitter and/or sign up. And anyone who signs up to Twitter as a direct result of this article is guaranteed at least one follower…us.

Just tweet us at @actionimpact and we’ll have a (140 character) conversation.