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What Is The Purple Majilis?

The Purple Majilis is a place where we like to have conversation. It’s the agency’s majilis.  Our sitting room.

It’s a place where we act as humans;  real people having real conversations and giving real points of view and insights in our industry.

No marketing robots.

No talk of “bespoke” this or “big data” that.

No silly jargon.  No long acronyms.

Just plain simple, straight-talking, fun and interesting.

Tall order huh?

It’s a place where we’ll discuss amazing information and ideas about our industry, our business, our people and the Middle East.

We’ll publish compelling thoughts and share unique points of view and our content will come in a variety of forms:

Words, voice, video.  Who knows?

The curators of this content are an ever-evolving group of enthusiastic agency people based here in Dubai.  Not hired hands or regurgitated research stuff found on the internet.

Honest and original and perhaps sometimes a little raw.

That’s the fun of it.

We’re all different, all unique and all from different, colourful walks of life and experience so as time moves on, we’ll be producing some downright compelling content.

So, to help keep focused in these early days, we scribed a simple mission statement to kick off:

“A place where marketeers, creative thinkers and buyers of specialist creative and production services can find useful information, advice and insight for creating, understanding and demystifying the execution of powerful brand experiences in the Middle East.”

It’s going to change and evolve.  No doubt but that’s where we’re starting.

So, join us - sign-up for the Purple Majilis and we’ll keep you in the loop. See you soon.