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What's In A Name?

Salaam, this is the new beginning for us. Let me tell you more about what this means.

It's not just a logo change!

We're more than just a logo. We are made up of individuals (diverse, broad and wide) from all backgrounds and experiences.

These differences make up who we are. This shapes how we talk to people and who wants to talk to us. Our new brand celebrates these differences and the strengths that it brings.

Why the change?

We will continue to continue pushing boundaries, seeking innovation and delivering sold results for the growth of the region, our clients, our agency and our team.

We have been through intensive workshops, focus groups and numerous discussions both internally and externally. It was clear that there is a need for a new kind of brand experience agency.

What do we do differently?

Simply put, we connect people with brands through experience. We do this through our core disciplines events, exhibitions, interiors, and digital.

Well in fact through any experience that tells a brands story and invites an audience to get involved.

The ability to deliver that experience sets us a part from the rest. Ie we actually roll up our sleeves and get the job done!!

Why the change now?

We have an enviable amount of clients that keep coming back year on year. Our awards cabinet is pretty impressive too, so why the need to change?

Ultimately, we want to be the most admired brand experience agency in the MENA region. This is the reason for the change

This entire process of change has helped us create four rules that we will live by, these are our values.

  1. Daring curiosity. We ask questions to find out more, to understand and to appreciate. This can be tough going at times but it's essential to get the job done well.
  2. Pioneering spirit. The search for the best solution, leave no stone unturned mentality.
  3. Simple brilliance. Keep it really simple; the more you say the less people hear.
  4. Imagination Central. We are all about creativity and we are all in its together. We are all creative. The creative process can be challenging but it delivers beautiful things.

These four values can be summarized as being BOLD.

Be bold, be brave and be determined.

(By stepping outside of our comfort zone will deliver nervous energy that will create stunning results.)

Our culture

Many have said working with Action Impact is a refreshing break from the norm.

Because we keep it real, we take a no-nonsense approach. (However,  but don't mistake straight-talking for straight-laced.)

We laugh out loud. A lot. Often at ourselves. We're fun to be around and we really enjoy coming to work. We do this because we love it. In fact, we're having a blast.

Because we put our creative neck on the line every day, we know how to live a little.

We don't live in a shiny creative bubble. We're real people collaborating together and we get fired up about every single challenge.

It's what separates us from the next agency out there.