By Simon Tapping, Executive Creative Director And there I was. Reclining on in the Purple Majilis with a copy of 'Flashes of Thought' in my hands. This book is a treasure trove of insights written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and a fascinating read for anyone seeking inspiration and motivation. Three quotes in particular really resonated with what we do at Action Impact and I would like to share them with you.

The first one that got me thinking was: “If you accustom yourself to creativity in small things, creativity on a large scale will follow.”

For us at Action Impact, this is all about putting creativity at the heart of our business. We instil the idea of creativity into everyone we work with, so that it becomes second nature.

Creativity is about being inquisitive, observant, enquiring – not taking anything at face value. Asking more questions, being open to different ways of doing things, finding out about new technologies and knowing when to use them, and being collectors of ideas and influences just in case they might one day be useful.

And because it’s in our culture to be creative in everything we do, we’re geared up to the big challenges whenever they come along. We’re also full of great ideas that we offer our clients to add extra impact to their events and experiences.

The second quote that caught my attention was: “To be creative is to add something new to life as opposed to being a passive part of it.”

Passive is the last thing that any of us at Action Impact are! Action is in our name and in our personality. We do what we do because we want to make an impact. We’re certainly not going to let any opportunity for action pass us by.

We also want to add new experiences to our own lives, and to the experience of our clients and their audiences – by doing memorable work that really makes a difference. We have made our mark in the region through some outstanding and award-winning work, and our aim is to go on adding wherever and whenever we can.

The third, and perhaps the most poignant, quote was: “The greatest risk of all is not to take risks.”

Dubai has never been shy of taking risks, which is what makes it one of the most exciting places in the world to live and work. It’s why we love it here, and we believe that being based here with a creative team who are in the thick of it gives us an insight and an inspiration to achieve great things. Taking risks is how we win work and how we achieve great results for our clients, but we also recognise that one client’s big risk is another client’s everyday approach. This is why we have developed the concept of Appropriate Creativity.

Because we live here and work here, and have an intimate knowledge of the region and the culture, we genuinely understand our clients’ needs. We’re not afraid to ask awkward questions and to get under their skin, and the result is that we are able to judge just how far to go.

Appropriate Creativity is knowing just the right level of risk that will result in the original, memorable work that makes us proud to be Action Impact.