I’m in the unusual position of being both the new boy and one of the old hands at Action Impact. Our relationship goes right back to the birth of the company, and I was intimately involved in many of the early big wins with some great work that I’m very proud of, including the very first appearance of du at Gitex, and the Saadiyat Island visitor centre for TDIC.

But that was as a consultant, and sometimes being a consultant can be frustrating for everyone – there’s nothing that can beat actually being here when you’re needed, day or night. So I’ve finally taken the plunge, and I’m moving out with my family, having taken up the role of Executive Creative Director.

These days everyone talks about creativity, but not everyone knows what it means in relation to a leading event management and digital marketing company like ours.

For me it means so much – being inquisitive, observant, enquiring – not taking anything at face value – always looking for the difference. Asking more questions, being open to new ways of doing things, finding out about new technologies and knowing when to use them, being a collector of ideas and influences just in case they might one day be useful.

One of the joys of this job for me is that you get to find out about so many different things. Every client has a story to tell, and our first job is to understand their story in order to judge how to retell it to their chosen audience.

All of our clients want originality, but what might seem like a small step for one client will feel like a big leap to another, so it’s down to us to get under our clients’ skin and work out what’s right for them. I call this ‘Appropriate Creativity’ and it’s something that I’m passionate about.

Creativity affects how we look for business, how we win business, how we build and maintain relationships with our clients, and how we continue to enjoy doing what we do and get even better at it. So putting creativity back at the heart of our business will put a new spring in everyone’s step.

As Executive Creative Director I have the combined resources of a great in-house team and a little black book of talent from around the world, so we will continue to bring in influences from far and wide to get the very best solutions for all of our clients whilst also nurturing the entire team to get more creative in our approach to everything we do.

It’s an exciting and busy time, which brings to mind an old joke I was once sent: “Why doesn’t a Creative Director look out of the window in the morning? To give them something to do in the afternoon!”

I’m still looking for the window!