A VIRTUAL SALES TOOL THAT BRINGS CUSTOMERS’ IMAGINATIONS TO LIFE “Believe me, once your property is finished, it’ll look and feel great.” That’s something you hear a lot when you’re looking at off-plan properties in a sales centre for a new development.

Communicating how a property will look and feel once it’s built has always been a challenge. Drawings, blueprints and even models depend on large amounts of imagination. I’ve often wondered if there was a better way of making the pictures you’re trying to conjure out of words more tangible.

One of our engineers, Avinash Lobo, told me, with great confidence, that there was. “The answer to the problem has been solved for us – by the gaming industry.”

I asked him to explain that enigmatic statement. “Look at any PS4 or Xbox One console,” he said, “and you’ll see intricate and highly realistic worlds that you can manipulate at will. We can use that coding to build apartments or houses so customers can actually see what they’re going to get... and they can change the colours or the layouts or... anything they want, right there, in the showroom.”

It all made perfect sense. “It will also work in a car showroom,” Avinash said. “Virtual Gekko is as versatile as your colourful imagination.” He’s right. It’s a brilliantly simple approach to an age-old challenge. That’s why we encouraged him to get to work developing the idea.

In his quiet, diligent way, Avinash, who, amazingly, is a self-taught coder, got to work creating a tool that’s set to revolutionise the way sales centres can engage with customers. The idea is a simple one: You just ask a customer to choose from a palette that’s pre-defined (room layouts, kitchen configurations or different car interiors and so on) and then it’s inputted into Virtual Gekko so that customers can take a virtual tour of the space with all those features added to it.”

The technology is really easy to use. Avinash’s insight that it’s just like gaming makes sure of that. A keyboard or a controller gives clients the ability to explore and react. That means customers can gain an immediate sense of ownership and that speeds the sale.

“It’s like they’ve already visited the space, or sat in the car, and experienced it, even before it’s built,” says Avinash. That’s it exactly. And it’s already proving effective. Virtual Gekko is being trialled in property sales centres right now, and the reaction we’ve had has been very positive.

It’s yet another way in which the team at Action Impact is taking its skills developed in the events industry and applying them to a broader sales marketplace.


Adrian Bell

Co-founder and Executive Director