Everyone remembers Jurassic Park for its amazing use of CGI effects in creating the world’s first photo-real dinosaurs. But for a film that depended on cutting edge technology to accomplish its vision, it also offered some words of caution to those rushing to embrace the latest innovations. In particular, Jeff Goldblum, as the mumbling chaotician, chides the geneticists responsible for resurrecting dinosaurs by saying: “…your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.” We’ve all done it. Had one of those conversations with someone about the new iPhone. “Are you going to upgrade, or wait for the new one in September?” And usually the answer is, “Oh, I think I’ll wait,” even though no-one has any idea what changes will be made to the new model. It’s what the consumer electronics industry used to call ‘planned obsolescence’ and it means we’re all becoming increasingly obsessed with throwing out the existing technology in favour of something new, before we’ve even figured out what to do with it. And if we’re not sure what it’s for, what hope do our audiences have?

This isn’t a phenomenon that’s unique to our industry either. Just last week, Marketing Magazine published an article by Rosh Singh, arguing that marketers have to do a better job of educating consumers on what the technology delivers. More importantly, consumers need a good reason to interact with these digital solutions.

So what does this mean for the event management industry? Well, there’s no denying that digital technology is opening up countless different ways for us to offer engagement and interactivity. But in our relentless quest to seize upon the latest, greatest technology, how many of us stop to think about how it can enhance or improve that all-important audience experience?

We’re all under increased pressure to maximise our budgets and deliver tangible ROI on every dirham that we spend. Technology can help create more meaningful experiences for our guests, and even offer a platform for measuring its impact. But in order to make this a reality, we need to commit the same thought process to the integration of these solutions that we do to planning out the event itself. And what’s our perspective as a leading event management and digital marketing agency in Dubai? Ultimately, if it’s not adding value to the audience journey, deepening a connection with your brand, or enhancing dwell time, it’s not worth your time or money.


Adrian Bell

Co-founder and Executive Director