Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing cities and is renowned for being a global hub of tourism and commerce. Its location is ideal for trade and travel as it connects both the eastern and western markets.

Dubai’s vision – as it has been for many decades - is to promote tourism and to achieve a target of 20 million visitors per year by 2020. With Expo edging forever closer, and to further boost tourism figures, Dubai’s government has strategized a truly unique way of capitalizing on the vast numbers of transit passengers - 90 million in 2017 - connecting through the world’s busiest international airport, Dubai International (DXB).

DTCM Emirates247-2.jpg

Dubai’s government partnered with Action Impact to develop a brand new state-of-the-art visitor attraction called the “MyDubai Experience’’ located in Terminal 3 of Dubai International. The “MyDubai Experience” connects transit visitors via eight languages and encourages them to discover the city’s unique attractions, landmarks and activities, then assembles comprehensive bespoke travel itineraries based on a visitor’s length of stay, interests, and status, be it families, couples or singles, without having to step foot outside the terminal.

The opening of the “MyDubai Experience” comes hand in hand with an announcement that transit passengers visiting the UAE are now exempt from entry fees for a 48-hour visit - the maximum length travel plan that the “MyDubai Experience” provides.

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The visitor attraction, standing at over 6 metres in height, is built upon a series of five 360-degree LED displays that play a series of curated photographic, video and social media content. Users have access to five 55-inch OLED screens which are paired with 22-inch interactive touch screens - providing user generated immersive video content on the OLED and circular LED screens.

Dubai Government’s ambitious venture with Action Impact - in collaboration with Dubai Airports and Emirates Airline - proved to be a fantastic opportunity to add value to travelers’ journeys and prompt users to stay within the Dubai tourism ecosystem to entice future vacations and, ultimately, directly increase tourism figures in the world’s most exciting city.

by Ben Codrai