As the sun rises over the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s impressive skyline, you can hear the swish of tyres on a brand-new track which is now open on a site that’s fast becoming a major part of Dubai’s District One, a vibrant centre for all kinds of cultural and leisure activities in the expanding Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

This is DXBike – a brand new centre for anyone who likes exercise, excitement, speed, and human endeavour. And, of course, bikes. Meydan, who run the facility, were in need of a permanent site for their popular attraction. They chose Action Impact to bring their plans for a 4,600 square-foot centre to an exciting reality.


It’s a great concept; based on recycling used shipping containers finished to a superb specification of quality and comfort, the DXBike experience is both futuristic and functional. It’s also impeccably organized, with, of course, a great track for bikers, plus all the facilities they need before and after exercise.

Action Impact worked with Meydan to understand their customers so that they could deliver everything they needed and expected; from great showers and changing facilities, to leisure opportunities for individuals, small groups, through to large parties. It’s a lifestyle venue as well as a place to work out and have fun. And, importantly, it also caters for the religious needs of customers who arrive early or later in the day.

The Action Impact team worked closely with Meydan’s experts to not only ensure that the containers were engineered to be safe, strong, and functional, but also to deliver an experience that goes beyond what customers might expect from a facility that’s built from recycled containers. They succeeded: there’s little hint of the industrial heritage of the materials within the facility. It’s a unique place in its own right forged from a clever and subtle use of its original materials.

That was achieved because Action Impact’s team had a clear grasp of Meydan’s vision as well as the aspirations of their core customers. Action Impact worked very hard to bring Meydan’s brand to life and deliver this truly amazing new cycling facility – DXBike in District One.

by Tony Atkins