Each year, Aldar Properties relish the chance to challenge leading event specialists, Action Impact, to help them stand out amidst the hustle and bustle of the Cityscape exhibition. One of the region’s leading property shows which attracts intense interest from visitors worldwide, Cityscape is a crucial date in the diary for Aldar.  

And each year, Action Impact’s team works hard to deliver the artistry and creative ingenuity that delights Aldar’s visitors. 2018 was no different. The brief was to showcase two very different offerings: Al Mamsha and Al Ghadeer. One, a coastal development, the other in the desert. Each offered different attributes to different demographics, but Action Impact’s creatives uncovered the simple link between them: despite offering completely different lifestyle choices, they were both potential precious homes for individuals and families.

Cityscape Aldar 007.jpg

Aldar’s theme of ‘This is Home’ was set as the unifying factor. It enabled Action Impact to create the feel of an art installation which delivered that simple but powerful message as well as a calm, reassuring ambience to help visitors escape the noise and rush of the show and carefully contemplate living in one or other of the two developments. Simply, they could dream of home in peace with the help of Aldar’s experts.

That sounds like a lot to achieve through one stand! Action Impact’s execution focused on colour, texture, and atmosphere to deliver it. They highlighted the copper tones which Aldar had chosen for each product brand and supplemented them with polished concrete to create a unifying feel for the stand. It was a minimalist approach that accentuated the sense of calm and simplicity. The models of the development and the interactive coffee tables needed to deliver information were carefully placed to maximise a sense of space and facilitate free movement.

Cityscape Aldar 010.jpg

The stand was completed with a striking overhead ceiling feature built using 4,200 metallic copper rods – all of which were at differing lengths and diameters, and hung at different heights to create a radiant reddish-brown glow. That generated the effect of a wave of sand gently rolling across soft, undulating dunes.

The movement of air within the exhibition space formed beautiful, almost mesmerising patterns. The construction was highly complex, and each feature requited a detailed and precise finish. It worked brilliantly.

by Hedley Grist