As part of the content that we created for the Expo 2020 Dubai experience in the UAE pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan, we wanted to create an eye-catching moment that would form a transition between the history of Dubai and a celebration of Dubai now. We’ve all seen photos on websites comparing views of the city from a few years ago to the spectacular skyline of today, so we decided to create an interactive version of that journey from then to now. We tracked down the most iconic image of the Sheikh Zayed Road, taken in 1990, and identified that it had been shot from the roof of the World Trade Centre tower. We were granted access for our photographer to the same spot on the roof, and we commissioned two shots - one at day and one at night.

We then worked with a specialist company to create a large backlit lenticular image that was designed into the appropriate point in our story.

As visitors approach, they see the image of old Dubai, but as they walk past it dissolves into the contemporary shot and then the night-time shot, emphasising the speed and scale of Dubai’s ambition in a simple and effective interactive moment.


Adrian Bell

Co-founder and Executive Director