Another challenge from Aldar Properties delivered in record time. “In one of our early meetings about their stand for Cityscape Abu Dhabi, our clients at Aldar Properties mentioned that they were struggling to find a venue for a sales centre for the Yas Acres development,” says Hedley Grist, Action Impact’s Account Director. “We’ve worked on a few interesting projects with temporary structures (some of which turned out not to be so temporary), so we offered to help. But in our next meeting, they issued us with an even more unusual challenge. They had identified one of the buildings at the Yas Links golf course as a possible venue, and they wanted to know if we thought it could be converted into a sales centre in time to benefit from the publicity around Cityscape, a mere twelve weeks away.”

“At Action Impact, we have separate specialist teams for exhibition delivery and interiors,” explains Hedley, “so we were confident that we could take on this challenge in parallel with the Cityscape stand, with the advantage of a single creative and management team, to share resources and knowledge of the project.”

“The short timeframe meant that the project had to be approached in a pragmatic way, but without compromising on the client’s desire for high-quality finishes that would reflect the brand,” explains Executive Creative Director Simon Tapping. “We carefully divided the job up with a base-build contractor chosen by the client, giving them creative guidance where required, whilst we concentrated on designing an interior that would reflect the lifestyle aspirations of the target audience, using materials and finishes that were readily available in the market.”

“Our chosen route was to model the space on the kind of café that our target audience would want to visit, complete with shelves of accessories reflecting their lifestyle. Clusters of casual sofas and chairs are grouped around coffee tables, some of which are interactive touch tables that can be further enhanced with augmented reality via hand-held tablets. The colours and materials were inspired by a combination of the existing patinated copper stable doors that we decided to retain, coupled with the wood and natural palette of the Yas Acres brand.”

“Despite the time constraints, it would be unlike us to make our lives too easy,” continues Simon, “so some of the materials, such as the bespoke Corian café counter, had to be shipped in from abroad, and we challenged the modelmakers to adapt the Cityscape exhibition model of the development so that we could display it vertically, creating an eye-catching feature at the entrance to the space.

“The space is only subtly branded, with brushed steel logos at key locations, and a specially commissioned water feature inspired by the Yas Acres logo,” explains Hedley. “The facility includes space for a substantial Aldar sales team, and since opening it has already proved so successful that the client has moved the majority of their team to the site, with a view to expanding its operation as future developments come online.”

“If I hadn’t seen it for myself,” said Hedley, I would find it hard to believe that a space like this could be completely transformed so successfully in such a short time. I put that down to a combination of factors, including the talents of our team as well as a great working relationship with a visionary client!”


Hedley Grist

Account Director