Sales centres can be very predictable. The moment you walk through the door the sales pitch starts and it only gets more intense as you make your way inside. Aldar wanted to go beyond the usual and do something more sophisticated. That’s why they asked the Action Impact team to think about ‘experience’ rather than ‘sales’ – and to sell by not actually selling.

It’s not a new approach. In fact, it’s an idea that goes back more than a century. But, surprisingly, it’s one that only the most confident brands employ. Aldar’s reputation as one of the region’s leading property developers means they have the confidence to constantly redesign and innovate their sales experience for the consumer.

That, in essence, was the brief they gave us for a new permanent sales centre in Dubai. The concept?  A cool, calm coffee bar where visitors are free to roam, sit and think, and then engage with Aldar’s informed sales representatives to walk them through the developments via the technology present in the centre.  

The project was completed on time, and the result was stunning (even if we say so ourselves!). It’s a friendly, welcoming space which allows you to take a deep, satisfying breath as you walk out of the frenzy of the other sales pitches into a calm oasis of what looks and feels like a high-end coffee bar. Which is indeed what it is. Stunning photography showcases Aldar’s approach to property development and design ... and then you start to enter the Aldar world.

Three multi-touch 50-inch 4k TV screens were positioned in foldaway wooden arms to display a curated interactive walkthrough of Aldar’s developments… coupled with two moveable 55-inch 4k hanging touch screen stations and a 55-inch vertical full HD slidable screen displaying content across Aldar’s timeline. What’s all this about? What’s on offer here? You’re not being sold to, you’re being enticed; drawn into a world by the use of technology, a world Aldar confidently believes is suited to your individual needs.

It’s sales, but it’s not selling as most people know it. It’s a friendly, welcoming space that, by use of technology, allows Aldar to transport its customers to their dream homes and create experiences right from the outset.

by Hedley Grist