The ambition across the board of live events and exhibitions for more creativity, fresh ideas and new innovation is palpable. As is the desire to extract more value and create a huge impact.

Whether they realise it or not, though, often people’s and organisations’ actions do more to hinder this ambition and desire than to help it. The evidence is widespread. Traditional and typical procurement practices often create the illusion of value rather than real value and often succeed only in becoming an exercise in compliance with the process rather than actually finding new ideas, creativity or value. Also - if you look around the world at all the events that occur - whilst there are some great events, most are similar and mere iterations of each other; they are often an exercise in curation rather than creativity.

Why is this, though?

There is an an endless supply of books, courses and people that can help with different aspects of live events – from event management, marketing and sponsorship through to the technical, content and creative elements. But how do you best utilise, engage with, procure and hold together all these individual aspects to create the most value and impact?

Creating the most value and impact with a live event, exhibition or pavilion starts at the beginning – with its genesis, the foundations that underpin it and key principles. Or as I decided to call them, in the title of my bestselling book: The Facts Of Live - how live events are conceived, procured and produced to create the greatest value and impact.

20 years of research based on some of the largest, most complex and most ambitious live events, entertainment and campaigns around the world in recent history, demonstrating how to:

Effectively nurture creativity, ideas and innovation.

Procure live events, goods and services, even when you don’t know what you need.

Understand the talent you need, don’t need, when you need it, how to identify it and how to structure it as powerfully as possible.

Reduce time, cost and complexity.

Reduce financial, operational and reputation risks.

Get the best out of your own people or those you bring on board with proven leadership principles.

Glue together the myriad of issues, people and organisations you’ll be relying upon against a backdrop of constant change and uncertainty, an immovable deadline and with everyone watching.

If you are looking to procure or outsource your event or exhibition, to improve or build your own in-house professional event or exhibition team or organisation, or are an agency looking to improve how you produce events or exhibitions professionally, start by reading The Facts Of Live.

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by Will Glendinning

Will Glendinning is a Live Event Producer, Consultant and Designer who has been responsible for some of the most ambitious live events, marketing campaigns and entertainment in recent history. He’s helped brands such as Coke, Samsung and UEFA along with the Olympic Games, world leaders, the Tour de France, military ceremonies and cultural festivals. He has worked for, run and built his own multi-million pound companies, had his work praised in Parliament, is a bestselling author, speaker and he regularly features in mainstream media.