Action Impact and NewSubstance were awarded ‘Best Visual Spectacular’ at the 2018 Event Production Awards, London, for delivering an impressive drone show during the opening ceremony of Dubai Parks and Resorts. The award recognises unique, one-off visual feats that are, by their very nature, innovative and spectacular.

One of the sequences during the grand opening featured the 7-time Academy Award-winning composer and songwriter Alan Menken and his daughter, who performed the Park’s specially composed theme tune ‘The wonders of the world’ live on stage, whilst the drones harmonised and danced overhead in tandem with Menken’s melodic score.

“The drone show added an additional visual layer to an already incredible live performance, executing a series of motifs and formations in harmonious synchrony,’ said Mike Wain. Present was His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was seen smiling and imitating the drones’ tribute to his three-fingered salute, as 1,500 dignitaries looked on from the specially built partially-floating auditorium.

Action Impact teamed up with European drone specialist NewSubstance to assist in choreographing the drones and help to create the 3-minute aerial showpiece. “We retro-fitted and deployed 40 customised drones, each carrying a remotely programmable multi-colour LED fixture,” said Mungo Denison, Projects Director at NewSubstance.

The drones provided a compelling visual accompaniment and as the music climaxed the audience was heard to cheer as, during the salute, the drones’ LEDs transformed to harmonise with the colours of the UAE flag. The combination of Action Impact and NewSubstance created a truly high-flying, award-winning performance.

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by Ben Codrai