Mubadala asked Action Impact to design and produce a two-day Chinese New Year event at Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, to usher the UAE into the ‘The Year of the Dog’.  The event took place outside the Galleria Mall promenade on 15 and 16 February 2018. The challenge was to amplify last year’s resounding success and make the event even bigger and even better. Action Impact generated a 3D concept then tangibly produced it right down to the smallest detail, and thus managed to deliver exactly what was asked – an authentic Chinese New Year experience.

To achieve this, a canopy of almost 2,000 Chinese lanterns showered the audience with light and flowed along the length of the scenic Galleria water feature. Beneath stood a Chinese street market bustling with calligraphy, face painting, activities for children and everyone’s favourite - a selection of mouth-watering Chinese cuisine.

The entertainment featured Chinese drummers, mask changers, a Chinese Opera and a spectacular 6-minute long firework display at the end of the final night, bringing in the New Year - literally and metaphorically - with a bang.

However, putting together such an enormous event - and strategically creating a company’s vision - is not without its challenges.  Put simply, Action Impact’s job is to take a client’s proposal, create innovative concepts, source the correct individuals and then execute that vision with detail and finesse. Transitioning from concept to creation can be tricky, especially in the latter stages.  Leveraging the experience of creating and delivering the same event in 2017, Action Impact had even more to contend with in 2018; a sizeable increase in the audience as the event proved even more popular this year.  With tens of thousands of people visiting over the 2 days, it clearly showcased the popularity and upscaling of the celebration on Al Maryah Island.

One of the biggest tasks therefore was to Crowd Flow map the anticipated volumetric increase of last year’s audience. Crowd Flow mapping is the art of predicting crowd flows and designing and implementing pre-meditated touch points which shape and manage the audience’s directional rhythm. The plan worked and every part of the venue, including the stalls, entertainment and the fireworks display, was accessible and visible even at peak hours with the promenade at full capacity.

It was an exceptionally busy and successful weekend for both Action Impact and Mubadala. The challenge to deliver an event of such design and magnitude was eagerly embraced by Action Impact and resulted in an ecstatic client. Perhaps - as an idea for next year - the creation of a Snapchat filter to give Chinese New Year more traction on social media would boost the event even further; Mubadala is aiming for bigger and better every year from now on!

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Renée Schmidt, Producer

Renée is a seasoned Producer at Action Impact - responsible for researching, creating and executive creative concepts and related activities for events, launches, dinners, ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences. Renée has gained valuable industry experience working in Automotive, IT, Government and music sectors for major clients such as Toyota, Mubadala, Tawazun, NESA, Rolls Royce, Du, IBM and many more.